Article: 10 Tips to Write Better Email Content Today


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10 Tips to Write Better Email Content Today

by Audrey Howes

One of the hardest parts of email marketing is generating content email subscribers truly want to receive. Emails without interesting and relevant content will quickly be disregarded. We want to help you generate content for emails which will have an impact on your readers.

Here are 10 tips to help you generate open-worthy email content:

Have a Conversation
Email recipients immediately pick up on sale pitches. Keep the pitch out of your email and instead talk to your recipients as you would talk to a friend or a new acquaintance. Use familiar language and a conversational tone to really draw them in.

Give Them Something They Can Use
Many people sign up for email newsletters in hope of receiving tips and tricks they can apply quickly and easily (much like the tips you are reading from us). Try to share quick tips with easy applications in your email content. Use your tips to suggest product usages to drive customer retention and brand loyalty instead of just pitching your product.

Bring Them Back to School
We know our products and services better than anyone. Unfortunately, we often assume our users understand our products and services at a higher level than they actually do. Use some of your email communication to educate your customers on how to use your products, complimentary services you offer and even unusual uses for your products. As your customers become better users, their commitment to your company deepens.

Minimize the Industry-ese
Every industry has a specific language that is well understood within the industry, but outside of the industry sounds like a foreign language. Minimize the use of industry jargon and opt for words and terms understood by anyone.

Listen to What They Want
Email subscribers tell you a lot without saying anything. Their opens and clicks give you valuable insight into where their interests lie. Analyze your reports to see if certain types of content are more popular than others and tailor your messages with similar content. We also suggest asking your recipients what they would like to receive from you one or two times a year with a simple customer or subscriber survey.

Recycle Your Content
When you are creating content for emails, think about all of the other areas where you have already generated content. Look at presentations, whitepapers, brochures, articles on your blog or website, etc. Take your content from those pieces, update it with new statistics and relevant information and use it in your emails. Be sure you only use your content or have permission to use content written by others.

Ask Your Team
Usually the marketing person or team is responsible for generating email content, but they may not be the ones actually talking to customers. Spend some time doing internal research to see what your support team, sales reps and other customer facing staff is hearing from the customers. Use their insight to generate content customers are asking for.

Check Your Website
Website tracking using a free tool such as Google Analytics gives a great picture of the type of content people are seeking. Use your website and blog stats to see what type of content visitors are searching for and where they are spending the most time. Then take your learnings to create content to expand on the most popular searches and areas of interest.

Look Inside and Outside Your Industry
We frequently tell you to sign up for emails from and follow the blogs of your competitors. Seeing what your competitors are doing gives you insight into how to reach your customers more effectively. Now take it a step further and try signing up for communications from other industries which are similar or complimentary to your own. See how they communicate with their audience and try some of their tactics with your own readers. Also try using Google Trends to see what topics are most popular in the world at large.

Sharing is Caring
One of the goals of every email marketing campaign is acquiring new customers. One way to accomplish this goal is to create share-worthy content. As a start, think about the types of content you share with your friends and family. Why do you share it? Some of the most shared content is funny, has a beautiful visual paired with it or has the quick, easily applied tips we mentioned above. Allow easy access to sharing by including social buttons and a forward to a friend link on your email. Share your own emails on your social networking sites as well to expand your reach even further.

Email content is the key to the success for your email efforts. Take some time to try a few of the tips suggested above and watch the email marketing success roll in. Do you have ideas for other content you'd like is to create? Share them with us >