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Introduction to Swiftpage emarketing Pro - $44.95/month

Who should use it: Pro level accounts are best for people who want to send at least 1000 emails per day, and want to have the flexibility of adding more than one user to their Swiftpage emarketing account (so that multiple people can send email blasts, create surveys, and so on). For ACT! users, Pro also allows you to surveys to add contacts to your ACT! database or update preexisting ACT! contacts using our List Builder and List Updater functionality.

Features and functionality

Swiftpage emarketing Call List: after you send an email blast, use the Swiftpage emarketing Call List to create a ranked list of your contacts based on how they interacted with your campaign. So, for instance, Jane who opened your email five times and clicked on three links, is considered a much better prospect (and is ranked higher on the Call List) than Freda, who opened your email once and did not click on anything. The Call List is a powerful sales tool, because it shows you who is most interested in your product or service. Call Lists can be created from multiple email blasts at once, too.

Scheduled sends: create your email blasts when you have time and schedule to send them in the future (up to two months in advance). Know your email is being delivered to your contacts without having to worry about pressing the send button. (Note: scheduled send is only available with our ACT!, SalesLogix, Excel and Outlook integrations.)

Advanced survey functionality: create a background page to brand your survey with the look and feel of your company. Also, designate a landing page for your survey, so that when your contact hits "Submit" on the survey they are taken to your web site or to a Swiftpage emarketing template you design.

The ability to add more than one user to your account if you choose, so that multiple people can send out emails through Swiftpage emarketing , create surveys, and so on. Each additional user is $5.99 per month.

Choose from over 80 predesigned templates and create your own HTML emails using our online editor. Use mail merge functionality to personalize your emails using fields from your customer database.

Full reporting functionality: find out who opened your emails, clicked on links in them, whose email addresses bounced or were considered invalid, etc.

Create surveys to collect information from your contacts, and use our Autoresponder to send an automatic acknowledgement email whenever someone fills out a survey.

Send your email blasts out through our powerful and secure servers rather than using your own.

Additional Features for ACT! Users:

List Builder: create a List Builder survey to collect information about new contacts. Map survey answers to fields in your ACT! database, and when a new contact fills out the survey, import your new contacts automatically into your ACT! database.

List Updater: create a List Updater survey to collect and update information about existing contacts. Map survey answers to fields in your ACT! database, and when one of your contacts fills out the survey, their ACT! contact record can be automatically updated.

The Swiftpage emarketing Call List can be brought immediately back into ACT!, so you can work through the Call List within Swiftpage emarketing 's Snapshot tool in ACT!.

The ability to bring results of your email blasts (opens and clicks) back into ACT!, so that how your contact interacted with your email blast is shown in both the History field and Swiftpage emarketing 's unique Snapshot tool.