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Introduction to Swiftpage emarketing Entry - $14.95/month

Who should use it: Entry level accounts are best for users who have a limited budget and do not need to send more than 250 emails per day, and do not need advanced account functionality such as those offered with Pro or Team level service

Features and functionality

Note: the only difference in functionality between Entry and Basic level accounts is the send limit: Entry level accounts can send up to 250 emails per day, and Basic level accounts can send up to 1000 (or more, with additional cost) emails per day.

Choose from over 80 predesigned templates and create your own HTML emails using our online editor. Use mail merge functionality to personalize your emails using fields from your customer database.

Full reporting functionality: find out who opened your emails, clicked on links in them, whose email addresses bounced or were considered invalid, etc.

Create surveys to collect information from your contacts, and use our Autoresponder to send an automatic acknowledgement email whenever someone fills out a survey.

Send your email blasts out through our powerful and secure servers rather than using your own.

For ACT! users: The ability to bring results of your email blasts (opens and clicks) back into ACT!, so that how your contact interacted with your email blast is shown in both the History field and Swiftpage emarketing 's unique Snapshot tool.