Create an Email Blast

Learn how to create a new template in Swiftpage emarketing's Online Editor as well as best practices when creating it.

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Create an Email Blast

This section will review:

Template Library (sharing, importing and saving templates)
Content Editor (header images, image options, text, mail merge fields, PDFs)
Customize Template (background colors, column width, adding and deleting windows)
Best Practices, Tips and Tricks via

Posts and Articles
...and so much more!

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Learn how to create a template and more within this basic webinar. Your host will review the major functionality features of Swiftpage emarketing, including how to create an email template within the Online Editor.

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Watch a Video

Learn how to create a new template from in Swiftpage emarketing's Online Editor. Video reviews the Template Library (saving your template), Content Editor (images, text, PDFs) , and Customize Templates (colors, column width) and more.

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Posts - Email Success

Create an Email That Gets Results - There is more to creating an E-mail template than throwing text and images into a defined space and calling it quits. Does your recipient know exactly what to do with the email?

Email Marketing Blueprint - Treat each one of your marketing campaigns with the same respect: what is your overall vision; layout your plan; now build. Create your blueprint and feel more confident of your vision.

Email Marketing Tips - A successful campaign has the potential to generate higher open rates, obtain a greater response, and ultimately create more revenue. Here are five tips to help send you on your way to a beautifully crafted campaign.

Need Images for Your Marketing Material - A look into Creative Commons licensing, copyright law, and where you can obtain these fantastic and free photographs for your email template.

Gaining Trust With Your Email Marketing Campaign - How do you avoid your email getting deleted or put in the spam folder? Some tips and tricks on how gain trust.

Judging a Book By It's Cover - Your email represents you, your company, and your product or service. Here are a few simple ways to create a bestselling book cover for your business.


Posts - FAQ of the Week

Where can I find pictures for my header image/template?

How do I use an image on my website in an email template?

What are the proper dimensions (specs) for an email template?


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Importing Templates
Importing Templates
Imported Template Options

Template Library
Share Templates with Users in Different Swiftpage emarketing Accounts
Share Templates with Users in Your Swiftpage emarketing Account
Saving Work, Logging Out of the Editor

Image Options
General Images
Header Images
Linking Images to the Web
PDF Linked to Images
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Inserting Images
Changing Header Images

Text Options
Editor Tables
Mail Merge Options
Linking Text to the Web
PDF Linked to Text
Writing and Copying Text into Templates

PDF Optios
PDF Linked to Images
PDF Linked to Text